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121 Chatrooms Chat WindowWe are a free chatbox chat for everyone! You can chat with us, signup is not required! You can chat about anything here, as long as you keep it nice and tidy. You can chat as a guest or as a member on our chat.

At 121 Chatrooms you can chat in different rooms. You can chat with everyone at the same time within the same location or start a private conversation.

Moderators are almost always present on our chat box. You can recognize these by their blue color. A moderator will happily assist you in case you need any support and ensure that it remains pleasant on our chat box. They ensure that you can make new friends undisturbed. Inappropriate behavior is not allowed with us! At 121 Chatrooms we also have a different theme every time.

Our chat is suitable for PC, mobile and tablets and for all types of browsers. For questions about the chat, first have a look at our Frequentily Asked Questions (FAQ). You can find these at the bottom of our page. By chatting on the 121 Chatrooms chatbox chat you automatically agree to our Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

About Us

About Us

In 1996 Pimpernel Data Communications decided to develop a unique chat based on avatars/cartoons. The chat was written in Java and ChatPoint was soon a reality. Some time later, Pimpernel decided to focus her activities on Online Entertainment.

Under the Pimpernel Online Entertainment flag, it was decided to rent out the already successful ChatPoint Chats (Advance and V2) to various parties such as Sky Radio, Mooncity, Fun2two, Maghreb, 121chat, Livestage, Chatboxx and even TMF. Development did not stop here, because behind the scenes a lot of work was done on the successor to Advance, with the name Deluxe which was also known as V4, which was only and therefore exclusively offered by ChatPoint.

Unfortunately, the company decided to cease operations around 2009. Six years later, after a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it can be said that the most unique and awesome Avatar Chat as it is known, is back!

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